COR117 - Door, Frame & Hardware Applications

32 Hours  |  32 CEPs

RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITES: COR101 – Fundamentals of Architectural Doors and Hardware  |  COR102 – Introduction To Building Codes

Today's construction projects use some of the most advanced materials and products ever made. Fire- rated and means of egress door openings have specific requirements they must meet to be able to function correctly. This course teaches you about the doors and frames (e.g., hollow metal, wood, and aluminum) in use today. Many hardware items can be employed in more than one application, and knowing which application is correct for a particular opening will make you indispensable to your customers and clients. An assortment of product samples are used in this course to help you identify many of the hardware items in use today. You will learn how to:

  • Read door and frame details
  • Determine wall/partition construction
  • Select frame types and anchors
  • Explain different types of door and frame construction
  • Use door accessories (e.g., lite kits, louvers)
  • Size special-purpose hinges (e.g., wide-throw)
  • Learn the application of raised-barrel hinges and swing-clear hinges
  • Select proper strike plates
  • Size push/pull bars
  • Resolve closer/overhead stop/holder conflicts
  • Size thresholds and saddles