DHSC315: Writing Hardware Specifications

40 Hours  |  40 CEPs

RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITES: COR117 – Door, Frame, and Architectural Hardware Applications  |  COR133 – Electrified Architectural Hardware  |  COR140 – Using Codes and Standards  |  COR147 – Introduction to Specification Writing  |  DHC205 - Intermediate Detailing Doors, Frames and Hardware |  DHC307 - Advanced Detailing Doors, Frames and Hardware

Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs) are required to master the skills and techniques of writing professional construction specifications. Architects rely on professional consultants for technical expertise and expect them to be proficient in writing specifications. This course teaches you how to write clear, concise, correct, and complete hardware specifications using the Construction Specifications Institute's (CSI) MasterFormat™ as a guide. You will learn how to:

  • Organize your specifications
  • Use correct specification language
  • Create hardware specification sets
  • Write complete hardware specifications
  • Coordinate work in other sections
  • Address product substitutions
  • Coordinate specifications for electrified hardware and access control systems

DHI will provide students with catalogs on a USB drive for this class.