Economic Forecast Review

Periodically, as a member service, DHI Canada prepares a review of economic forecasts from sources such as the Bank of Canada and the Canadian chartered banks.  Please look below for the most recent forecast and previous reviews.

Q3 2017 Non-residential Building Statistics

Statistics Canada has released non-residential building statistics for Q3 2017.  Nationally, the non-residential sector (industrial, commercial and institutional) saw growth of 3.6% compared to Q2.  The big "winners" were educational buildings in the institutional sub-sector (up 18% compared with 4.6% growth for the sub-sector overall) and office buildings in the commercial sub-sector (which led the sub-sector to a 2.6% growth rate).  The industrial sub-sector saw 6.0% growth, led by investment in the construction of farm buildings and, to a lesser extent, manufacturing plants.  For the Statistics Canada bulletin and links to various tables, please click here.

Q2 2017 Non-residential Building Statistics

Statistics Canada has released its report on Q2 2017 non-residential building construction.  While overall construction activity was up by 0.3% in current dollars, it actually fell by 0.7% in terms of constant (2007) dollars - constant dollars net out the effects of inflation.  Read the full article here.

Summer 2017 Review

A lot has happened since our first review – recovery from the Fort McMurray fires, the end of the oil price shock, Brexit and election of a new US government, to name a few.  How will these and other events impact our economic future?  Click here to read the summer 2017 DHI-C economic forecast review.

Summer 2016 Review

As a service to members, DHI Canada is pleased to present its first review of economic forecast data.  How do you expect to fare in the next couple of years?  Read the full article here.

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