Certifications and Credentials

The DHI Certifications and Credentials are currently being updated. Watch this page for future updates and available certifications.


DHI Courses


Advanced Certifications

DHI offers advanced certifications that are well recognized within the industry and by industry stakeholders. The brand equity for these certifications has evolved over a considerable period of time: 75 years for the AHC, 35 years for the CDC, and 10 years for the EHC.

Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs)

Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs) are trained to recognize a builder’s hardware requirements for door openings in all types of public, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. AHCs coordinate thousands of builder’s hardware items and options to ensure door openings are in compliance with fire, life safety, accessibility and building code requirements and that they function properly for the lifetime of the building.

Electrified Hardware Consultants (EHCs) 

Electrified Hardware Consultants (EHCs) specialize in the coordination of architectural door openings with the increased security needs of public buildings in today’s society. EHCs are experts at interfacing electrified architectural hardware products into access control monitoring and fire alarm systems, while maintaining compliance with fire, life safety, accessibility and building code requirements.


DHI awards these credentials to individuals who have successfully completed a prescribed series of training and have passed rigorous certification examinations.  Individuals pursuing certification must complete the core education curriculum before branching off to follow a particular discipline.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these certifications, contact info@dhicanada.ca and let’s get you started on your certification path. 

What is a DHI Certified Canadian Consultant?

DHI Canada is the focal point for a team of more than 900 Canadian professional consultants. Their goal may be personal and professional achievement, but the attainment of their certified Canadian consultant status guarantees that non-residential doors meet rigorous codes and standards to ensure the safety and security of buildings and their occupants.

Those who have achieved certified consultant status, or who are working to achieve it, know the hundreds of hours it takes to learn every aspect of the door and hardware industry plus the attention and effort required to hone that knowledge into a tool of skill that will satisfy the many different needs of a building.

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Certified Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspection Program (CFDAI)

A DHI-certified fire and egress door assembly professional has the skill and training necessary to perform a detailed inspection, ensuring fire-rated doors are code compliant.

A new certification to help FDAIs elevate their profile to the end user and grow their inspection services. Learn more