DHI Canada is an association proudly serving door security and safety professionals, and the dynamic companies they represent, in the non-residential construction industry.

Through education, advocacy, accreditation and facilitated networking, we provide members with the collective intelligence to meet the security and safety needs of their customers.


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DHI Canada Resources

DHI Canada offers several resources for industry members and stakeholders (architects, architectural technicians and technologists, AHJs, interior designers, etc.):

  • Codes - Frequently Asked Questions:  commonly-asked questions about the National Building Code of Canada and applicable fire standards and life safety codes
  • Codes matrix:  an "at-a-glance" resource showing the current building and fire code for each province, the applicable versions of NFPA80 and NFPA101 and minimum clear opening widths for barrier-free access
  • Upcoming Codes Changes:  building and fire codes in Canada are subject to changes and updates.  This page can help you stay current
  • Temperature-rise doors:  determining when to use a temperature-rise door can be confusing.  This article clears the mists (requires a PDF reader)

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Regional School - DAI600
Alberta Rose
March 15, 2022

Regional School - DHT Exam Prep/Exam
Atlantic Provinces
April 12, 2022

Regional School
Canadian Prairie
May 10, 2022

Spring Eastern Technical School
Ottawa, ON
May 30 - June 4, 2022

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